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Presence of Sparta players in the NBA, the NBA Draft and in NBA Summer Leagues (incl. another Czech and Slovak players)

Jiri Welsch 1998-00: Sparta Prague (D1)
  2000-02: Olimpija Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Czech NT 2002: NBA draft 2002, 1st (16) Philadelphia  (Rights traded to Golden State)
  2002-03: Golden State Warriors (NBA)
  2003-04: In Aug.'03 was traded to Dallas Mavericks (NBA), two months later was traded to Boston Celtics
  2004-05: Boston Celtics (NBA), in Feb.'05 was traded to Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)
NBA ALL 2005-06: Milwaukee Bucks (NBA)

Jiri Zidek  1983-90: Sparta Prague Youth teams 
  1990-91: Sparta Prague  (D1)
Czech NT   1991-95: UCLA (NCAA)
  1995: NBA draft 1995, 1st (22) Charlotte Hornets 
  1995-96: Charlotte Hornets (NBA)
  1996-97: Charlotte Hornets  (NBA) 
NBA ALL 1997-98: Denver Nuggets (NBA), was released in Feb.'98, then tried out by Seattle Supersonics (NBA) and signed 10-day contract in Mar.'98

Richard Petruska


NBA draft 1993, 2rd (46) Houston Rockets
Slovak NT


Houston Rockets (NBA)     NBA champion

NBA draft , NBA Summer Leagues

NBA DRAFT:            International Players Drafted Since 1993

Pavel Milos


NBA draft candidate


2005 Reebok Vegas Summer League
Czech NT    

Ondrej Starosta 


2005 Reebok Rocky Mountain Revue
Czech NT    


David Marek


Sparta Prague  (Mattoni NBL )


Czech NT    U16    U18    U20     FIBA - European Championship


Southern Utah (NCAA1) Mid-Continent Conference